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Professional placements worldwide

Placing volunteers in projects abroad is often challenging for organizations and individuals alike, whether operating in the nonprofit, private or public sector. The challenges surrounding sourcing of and negotiating with potential candidates are a high financial and time investment. AMAIDI takes care of all this, saving you time and money to concentrate on what you do best: running your organization or - in case you are an individual - doing your work. AMAIDI has professionals working in small teams. This way things get done quickly and professionally. The way you expect things to go.



Our projects range from super-specialised knowledge transfer, called skilled volunteering (ex. a German heart-surgeon working with a team of surgeon's in a city hospital in Kenya) to assistance & knowledge transfer in lower-skilled jobs (ex. a teacher trainee assists a class teacher in an Indian primary school with her class management). We ask our specialist volunteers to commit for at least a week or two; lower-skilled volunteers need to sign up for a minimum of one month. We operate in the general volunteer market but also offer our volunteer facilitation services to the corporate sector (ex. social sabbaticals, pro bono). We offer short-term, effective trainings and consulting services to ensure that each candidate, whether private, public or corporate, is well prepared and meets the criteria that our partner organizations ask for.

Please note that AMAIDI is particularly careful when it comes to lower-skilled volunteering in orphanages. We are opposed to so called 'orphanage tourism', requiring sufficient time and relevant skills from a candidate who wants to work with one of our partners hosting children's home or orphanages. These institutions are all personally visited by AMAIDI's field staff and thoroughly checked. All those who want to work in any project involving direct contact with children, have to obtain and show a Police Background Check as part of the application process. You can find our Child Protection Policy here



Wherever the aim of knowledge transfer emerges, professional and educational qualifications matter. A stable physical condition, flexibility at work and resilience to what happens to you when living and working in a totally different cultural and climatic setting, are necessary too. As in some cases a working knowledge in foreign languages other than English.



What you get out of volunteering through AMAIDI depends largely on you, that is no surprise. Here is a few benefits from a larger list of possible outcomes that you can avail by volunteering: a stronger determination and will to succeed; the experience that your help as an individual really matters; the acquired ability to test project management methods; the awareness that working abroad has widened your horizon; increased ability to 'think out of the box'; enhanced language skills; a more flexible attitude and a larger resilience both privately and in your work; a tolerant attitude towards 'otherness'; and the mobilisation of your talent to improvise. In short, social commitment through volunteering extends your professional and educational horizon, enlarges your personal skills set and increases your ability to deal with challenges at home, work, holiday or during your retirement.



Have we inspired you? You are invited - whether as an individual or as an organization - to contact us to discuss your wishes. We don't mind if these wishes aren't that concrete yet. We'll make them concrete, thinking along with you. You can either apply for specific projects listed on this website or found on our social media platforms or affiliate websites or fill out this web form and tell us what you have in mind. We'll help you find a project that best suits you and the project.

Are you a government registered nonprofit organization in your country, anywhere in the world? Please fill up this form here so that we can get in touch with you and take you up in our global project database.


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We assist you in finding an appropriate and meaningful project for your employees.

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We support you in your successful work by the systematic and tailored recruitment and placement of qualified volunteers. You benefit from our years of expertise from the private sector as well as in the social sector. more»