Vision and mission

Since 2006 AMAIDI gives nonprofit organizations access to professional support for their projects, which have difficulty in securing funding with donations. Dedicated person and companies get the chance to get involved with their skills (pro-bono) or without (extra-hands) in meaningful project and non-profit organizations get access to suitable professional support.


Our Aim

The aim of AMAIDI is to create prospects for needy humans and animals through sustainable ange-designed projects and knowledge transfer. For this brings AMAIDI companies or private individuals who want to be socially committed for a limited period, and social organi-sations, the manpower and financial support required, together.


Our Vision

The vision is to enable social organizations access to professional volunteer resources. For this offers AMAIDI voluntary resources (volunteer database) from around the world.


Our Mission

The mission is to inspire individuals, businesses and universities and to mobilize, with their skills (pro bono) to get involved but also without (extra-hands) locally or worldwide volunteer. For this offers AMAIDI sustainably scale projects (Project Database).

In summary:

- Transfer Knowledge instead of money,
- Helping people help themselves
- Show active global responsibility
- Give something back to the world


... and to evolve at the same time both professionally and personally.



AMAIDI - Your global partner for sustainable social commitment. We create sustainable development through knowledge transfer and start construction