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We offer individual and personal advice before the voluntary service to financial, organizational and legal issues. more »

Volunteer Placement

We provide projects around the world in more than 30 countries on 4 continents. more »


We execute workshops to prepare your sustainable assignment. more »

Knowledge transfer

AMAIDI promotes social and individual development through knowledge transfer between the private, commercial and non-profit world. AMAIDI offers affordable volunteering placements in many countries across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, allowing you to combine doing your bit for the world with unforgettable experiences.

AMAIDI is dedicated to connecting people with the places and communities they are needed in most. Discover with AMAIDI how powerful a partnership on equal terms can be, where non-profit organisations find volunteers that precisely fit their projects’ needs, while volunteers broaden their horizon and sharpen their soft-skills at the same time.

AMAIDI works with local teams on the ground, serving you as well as AMAIDI’s project partner where you volunteer. Together with an international network of volunteer and internship coordinators, country-experts and continental desks AMAIDI ensures a smooth and seamless handling of all processes.

New Projects

Make a donation without any money? smoost makes it possible!

Use your smartphone or tablet to support AMAIDI. Download the free smoost app! This app allows AMAIDI on a new and easy way to raise funds for their work and projects. Collect donations - without...

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Global Probono Summit #GPBS15

The 3rd Global Pro Bono Summit was held in Berlin. The Summit challenged pro bono movement leaders from 23 countries and AMAIDI to identify ways to increase their impact and hold each other...

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Swap the office for the world

The desire for more self-determination and purpose is increasing. Every second person is dreaming of a sabbatical. On the other hand, Non Profit Organizations (NPOS) are looking for more volunteer...

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"Umsteiger, Auszeitnehmer, Reduzierer und Veränderer“

Immer mehr Menschen sehen in einer steilen Karriere nicht mehr den Glücksfaktor Nr. 1. Der Trend zu mehr Ruhephasen und Lebensqualität verändert den Arbeitsmarkt radikal.

Der Geschäftsführer einer...

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AMAIDI is part of the well-known UK online magazin

AMAIDI International is happy to be part of the well-known UK online magazine iGapTravelGuide an annual publication for people who are taking a gap year and looking at studying, volunteering and...

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