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"Give something back to the world" - do you also think so. A social commitment can work wonders because, open up new perspectives and make the focus on the essentials free again. According to a Forsa survey 40% of all people dream about  escaping from the day-to-day business and try something entirely new. Only four percent translate it into action, as they fear the leap into the unknown.


Where can you get involved socially, while using  your skills (pro bono) by doing good? Here on site, or at abroad, maybe even in a so-called "Third World country", perhaps in the development aid! But how to get there? Where can we help? What factors are important for an oversea assignment? How to prepare myself? What does it cost to get involved socially? And most important, how do I integrate my social commitment into my current live and professional situation? Are there even projects for people over 30 years of age?

AMAIDI provides answers to questions like these. Because AMAIDI qualifies and places volunteers, of all ages and educational background for a limited time in local projects as well a in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central and South America!

You want to be actively engaged in a non-profit project, instead of only donating money, you want to make a difference? You broaden your personality, understand a foreign (corporate) culture and look at the world consciously and with eyes wide open? Be socially committed, passing on your knowledge and evolve at the same time?


Then we are the right partner for your social commitment! Contact us, and we will elaborate how you can give your career a new, exciting and unforgettable phrase. Arrange an appointment with a our consultant here today.


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